Can you help me source methanol? How can I expand my business into South America, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa or the Middle East? Can you assist me in making the transition into Internet buying and selling? Who can help me drum my product? Is there room for another melamine producer?

The Professor knows it all. Just ask him. Click on the Ask Me button and type your questions. The Professor will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Can you handle shipping?


Yes, we are equipped to handle shipping in any required form, including bulk, containers, iso-containers, rail and trucks.


Do you prefer FOB or CFR or CIF?


It depends on the destination and the type of product.


What if the chemical I want to buy or sell doesn't appear in your product list?


 We will consider any chemical and we will always look to satisfy our potential customers and service your needs.


Do you have storage capabilities?


We have access to storage in the Mediterranean area, in Singapore, and in the main ports of the United States.  In the rest of the world we use public terminals.


Where are you interested in doing business?


Anywhere we can service our customers and generate profit for our company.


What are your delivery terms?  Do you do Net 30? 60? 90?


We can give financial assistance.  We are here to try to develop financial structures for our customers.  We will evaluate each situation on a case by case basis.


Do you require a Letter of Credit?


 Normally during the time we take to get the proper financial credentials, to get to know our customers, and to develop a credit approval we do require a L.C.


What currency do you trade in?


We prefer any hard currency.


How do I get specs for my products?


Spec sheets are available to registered users when they click on a chemical name.  If the specs published on our site are not sufficient you can e-mail us for additional details.


How do I send you my required specs?


You can send your required specs by e-mail or fax.


Can you help me build a website?


Yes, we can build your website, we can host it, and we can give you full web service.


Can you help me develop an effective and cost-effective e-commerce strategy?


Yes.  Try us.

Do you have the knowledge and experience to work in complicated markets such as Russia and the Middle East?


We have many years of experience in working in developing countries, complicated economies, high-risk economies.


Do you guarantee the products you sell?


We guarantee the specs of  the products that we sell.


Do you sell only full containers?


Normally, yes, unless it’s a product that we keep in the country of destination, such as glycerine.  We always have it stock in Western Europe and in the U.S.


Do you barter chemicals and services?


No, generally not, but we are definitely willing to consider supplying raw materials for a conversion deal.


Do you do bulk sales?




Do you give sole trading rights to certain countries?


No but we are willing to consider joint ventures or to jointly develop certain segments of trade in different countries.

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