Can you handle shipping?


Do you prefer FOB or CFR or CIF?


What if the chemical I want to buy or sell doesn't appear in your product list?


Do you have storage capabilities?


Where are you interested in doing business?


What are your delivery terms?  Do you do Net 30? 60? 90?


Do you require a Letter of Credit?


What currency do you trade in?


How do I get specs for my products?


How do I send you my required specs?


Can you help me build a website?


Can you help me develop an effective and cost-effective e-commerce strategy?


Do you have the knowledge and experience to work in complicated markets such as Russia and the Middle East?


Do you guarantee the products you sell?


Do you sell only full containers?


Do you barter chemicals and services?


Do you do bulk sales?


Do you give sole trading rights to certain countries?